Just a few of our favorite people and places---


Postal Services: 

Mail Services (Krysta)  4008 N. Grimes  575-392-7550  M-F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm  Sat 9:30 am to noon.

They provide UPS, FedEx, Western Union, Fax Service, Will receive your mail/pkgs for $5/month. 

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, please do not have pkgs delivered to Cowboy’s and never for mail.


Hair Salons/Cuts:

Attitudes..(Jeannette Griego)   208 W. Bender Blvd.  575-392-1155   call for appt. but they do work late

Gilberts….Oscar or Gilbert  3830 N. Grimes Suite G   575-392-7301 call for appt.



American Medical Group  2410 N. Fowler  575-392-2040  (we use Lance DeLong, NP)  very convenient

to walk in or call and make appt and they will text when you should be there. 



After Hours (James)  3401 N. Grimes  Suite 300   575-391-9493  8 am-2:30 pm and 3-5 pm M-F


Workout Facility:

HOST  (Tim)  3830 N. Grimes Suite B    575-392-3971   



Michael’s Pharmacy  2410 N. Fowler St.  575-392-2311



Precision Tune-Up   (Gary Gill)    2012 N. Dal Paso    575-492-9127


Tire Repair and Oil Change:

Forrest Tire (Ray/tire and Tim/oil chg & front end/brake work)  1703 N. Turner    575-393-2186

Forrest Tire for Big Rigs 2225 NW County Rd   575-393-4995


Laundry Service:

Wishy-Washy Laundromat   2000 N. Turner  575-393-9040


Dry Cleaners:

All American Cleaners  2002 N. Turner & 201 W. Dunnam   575-393-0442



Dr. Lynn Shaw  3218 N. Grimes St.  575-392-7565

Dr.  Shoemaker (Debra-Hygienist)  506 N. Shipp St.  575-393-8069



Eye Site (Dr. Franz)   1811 N. Dal Paso St.  575-397-3611

Family Vision Center  1315 Joe Harvey Blvd   575-392-8880


RV Sales/Service:

Mr. B’s RV (Glenn)  506 E. Marland  575-631-1045


Radiator Servicing: 

Pharis Radiator  (Doug)  500 W. Broadway  575-393-5513


Veterinary Care:

Double J Animal Hospital  (Angela)  2804 S. Eunice Hwy  575-738-0143



Vittles and Such


Saxony Room at the Hobbs Family Inn  501 N. Marland Blvd.  575-397-3251

Best steaks in town!! 


La Fondita 509 W. Broadway  575-397-0909

Best “hole in the wall” Mexican food in town!!


El Pollo Chihuahua  706 N. Turner  575-397-4781

Best roasted chicken ever!!!


Kountry Korral Tea Room 521 W. Navajo Rd.  575-392-2012

Great soups and sandwiches...guys don’t be intimidated by the name!!


Pacific Rim  1309 W. Joe Harvey Blvd.  575-392-0030

Great atmosphere for drinks, sushi/Asian flair food and live entertainment weekends.


Luna's Drive-In  1121 E. Broadway  575-397-4000

Mexican food and hamburger....sizzlers are the best!!!


El Mirador  1612 W. Marland Blvd.  575-391-9860

Mexican food with lunch buffet ... 15 minute walk from Cowboy’s


Casey’s  209 W. Broadway St.  575-393-0308

Breakfast, great American food (Burgers, sandwiches, salads)


Marina’s Burrito Express  920 S. Turner St.   575-391-9893

Mon. thru Sat, Open 5:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Nipa Hut Restaurant  1105 S. Dal Paso St.   575-393-0816

Mon. thru Fri, 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Awesome burritos, Mexican food and hamburgers


Others in Eunice and Lovington worth the drive


Lazy 6...102 S. 1st Street in Lovington  575-396-5066

Home cooking type food


Pioneer Steakhouse 2510 S. Main St. in Lovington   575-396-1053 call for hrs.

Awesome fish fry buffet


Outlaw Grill 1007 Main St. in Eunice  575-942-2466

Wide variety of good food.



Cute Shops....


Kountry Korral, Horsefeathers, Merle Norman Cosmetic and Boutique,

Images Boutique (located east of Albertsons), Heaven Scent Flowers & Gifts,

Nana’s Antiques (behind Sonic on Dal Paso)

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